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The price includes supervision by a state-certified instructor, the loan of rifles, pellets, compressed air.

Obstacle course + shooting, or shooting only (price per person)


 27 €

Child (8-16 years old)

 22 €50

Group/ Family (4 people and more)

 22 €50


Choose your formula :


Your instructor adapts to your desires and needs. The course frightens you and you simply want to try biathlon shooting techniques without having the anxiety of confrontation and competition, ask for the fun formula at the start of the session. If not, you watch biathlon competitions on television and you want to do like the champions, ask for the sports formula.

  • Sports formula 1h55: Rifle handling/ adjustments Prone and standing shooting - Relay/Mass-start with obstacle course on foot chained by shooting
  • Fun formula 1h55: Rifle handling/ adjustments Prone and standing shooting - Shooting games/collective strategies

Course of the session (1h55)

  • Safety instructions: Learn to handle the rifle safely to be able to clear targets with confidence
  • Precision Shots (Rifle Settings): Familiarize yourself with the rifle by shooting at rest and focusing only on accuracy
  • "Shooting games" Team challenges, shooting speeds, confrontation: Adding speed and stress to shooting means winning in a good mood Warm-up and recognition of the course with obstacles
  • Shooting in confrontation: the shooting takes place after a playful loop that will raise the heart rate
  • Debriefing, Feedbacks: Give us your feedback, tell us what you liked or not.


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