What is Biathlon?

Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport combining two events: cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The etymology of the name comes from the Latin “bi” = two, and from the Greek “athlon” = fight or struggle.

Summer biathlon in Chalain

  • Safety instructions: Learn to handle the rifle safely to be able to clear targets with confidence
  • Precision Shots (Rifle Settings): Familiarize yourself with the rifle by shooting at rest and focusing only on accuracy
  • "Shooting games" Team challenges, shooting speeds, confrontation: Adding speed and stress to shooting means winning in a good mood Warm-up and recognition of the course with obstacles
  • Shooting in confrontation: the shooting takes place after a playful loop that will raise the heart rate
  • Debriefing, Feedbacks: Give us your feedback, tell us what you liked or not.

Our advices

In case of warmy day, we advice you to reserve the morning sessions (9-11 a.m.) or those at the end of the afternoon (5-7 p.m.). Don't forget that in case of hot weather, Biathlon area is very close to Lake of Chalain! Of course, your Chalain Biathlon sports leisure area is indeed less than 2mins by car from Doucier beach and 5mins by foot. !!!


Do not forget your pair of sneakers and clothes suitable for sports practice!

The origins

The sport has its origins in the military patrol which was part of the first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924, but it was not always on the program. The military patrol was a collective event comprising 4 athletes (1 officer, 1 non-commissioned officer and two soldiers) who competed together.


The Chamonix Military Patrol was a 30 km race with shooting after 15 km of running, the targets were at a distance of 250 m from the firing point. Each target hit gave a 30 second time bonus over the total race time.


Safety rules

  • The rifle must always be considered loaded and handled as such
  • The practitioner places the rifle on the stand after firing
  • Use rifles only with the consent of the instructor (s)
  • The rifle barrel must always face the targets


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